Competition Meetings


On the 2nd Wednesday of the month (Feb – Nov) the club holds a photo competition night. The competition is open to MPS members.

A guest judge will review the images on the evening and provide constructive critique on the good aspects and some learning  thoughts on how the image maybe improved in certain areas.

Images may be awarded Distinctions and Merits as the judge sees fit and these awards contribute points to the yearly point score tally which is announced and awarded on the Top Shot Night in December.

All members are encouraged to enter competitions regardless of where they are on their photographic journey.

There are four categories in the monthly competition, Colour, Monochrome, Digital and Creative.


The Colour category is an open subject printed section. As the name suggests it will be in full or partial colour.


The Monochrome category is also an open subject printed section. Mono meaning “one” requires these prints to be produced with one colour or tone of ink blended with the white of the paper such as black (normally referred to as black and white), sepia    or any other one colour.


The Digital category is for projected image. The club provides a colour balanced projector to display the images on a screen. This section is also an open subject.


The Creative category is a set subject section with the themes preselected by the committee at the beginning of the year. The idea behind the Creative section is to encourage members to photograph subjects that they might not normally and to stretch their creative thinking and imagination. The Creative section will either be print or digital entries as set out with the theme.

Please see the MPS Competition Rules for details HERE. View the Competition Calendar and Creative theme’s HERE.